June 13-July 5, 2015
Group exhibition ‘Prepare Now’ at The Front in New Orleans, Louisiana

EyeSplice Collective
Prepare NOW
In this group exhibition, EyeSplice Collective members creatively examine the weather. Whether it is the personal experience of observing a clearing storm, the tenuous reality of living in a drought state, or charting the wind patterns of a small town in West Virginia, each member of the Collective explores her relationship to the sky. In an age of alarmist, shouting headlines on the Weather Channel alongside the actualities of climate change, this exhibition seeks to balance the chaos of public knowledge with the intimacy of personal experience.

EyeSplice Collective was formed in 2012 by Megan Hildebrandt as a group of high­quality, all­female international artists. Coming out of a mostly­male MFA program, Hildebrandt was starved for female talent, rigor, and community. Since the inception of EyeSplice, the collective has exhibited, lectured, and show films in a variety of venues: The Cultural Center of Spain in Panama, The Mom Gallery in Austin, The Radiator Gallery in Queens, HEREarts Center in Manhattan, and the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL.

Maria Raquel Cochez
Megan Hildebrandt
Sara Holwerda
Lauren Alyssa Howard
Sarah Kelly
Magnolia Laurie
Cynthia Mason
Ellen Mueller
Megan Piontkowski
Christine Sajecki